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#139 If you ever know [Jun. 5th, 2011|02:38 pm]
This post may come as a surprise! I had to go to "forgot password?" to retrieve my password, thats how long I've not visited my lj. Its exams period & felt like putting up a post so here we go!

I think that I would have gone mad already if not for the invention of whatsapp. Talking & ranting to Singapore girls has never been more relieving, I'm always v thankful for having them around whenever & wherever. Bumping into C outside 313 2 years ago (?)  was really fated, it rekindled our long lost friendship that got winded up in time. 

My mum always asked why do I keep going out with friends and she always told me that when I go older, not all of these friends will be with me & sacrifice for me. & I always thought what she said is rubbish, I have faith in all my good friends & will never question our friendship. Well, as of now, a couple of them has proved my mum right. C said this which I find so v true - "The older we go, the more ppl we meet, the more acquaintances, the lesser real friends. Things change, ppl change, only the true ones stay"

I'm not one who is fond of confrontation, I actually avoid confronting ppl at all costs & tell myself to breathe, it won't happen again. I now think that I'm in self-denial, ppl don't change their spots overnight & old habits die hard. You've just got to give up on them & realise that not everything is going to go the way you want it to & you've got to accept that fact. If its meant to be, its meant to be.

Ok, thats been longer a post than I thought & v life reflecting too. Till next time!
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Nothing more than the truth [Dec. 28th, 2010|09:38 pm]

Hi poots, been a while. Back in Singapore for a month already & its been great. Treasuring the time back & more chilling & relaxing with my girls, be it one-on-one or in a group. Realised each time I come back, its a different mood, like less playing & more chillexing & spending quality time with the loved ones

Not forgetting the immense life reflections & thoughts. Plus being revealed to some truth that were covered up by nothing but a facade. Got me to thinking, why are some people just the way they are? Flaws of course. I mean, no one is perfect, but some flaws are just ridiculous. Esp if its on your close ones. Are we to accept them for who they are & put up with it? So much can be done to make things better but being imperfect, we always make wrong decisions & choose to avoid the issue. Keeping things like they are & putting up a strong front. Is that a wise decision, no one knows. But its definitely the easier way out. So much that everything is bottled up within oneself. Mmm, food for thought

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#137 I want to kill you right now [Nov. 27th, 2010|09:40 pm]
[Current Mood |infuriatedinfuriated]

Had drama quarrel & fight just now, was lying on the floor at the corner of my room crying & trembling. At that moment, I understood how detached & sad a person can actually feel. The situation was mediated but I still think that I'm gonna treat you are invisible for a while till you make the effort to make things work. After my therapy session, I realised that its your problem & I should stop caring for you, if you want it to work, you make it a point. Otherwise, whatever, I'm not gonna care bec I don't need you in my life. Having a massive headache now after all that woo-ha

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#136 Merlion city [Nov. 25th, 2010|10:56 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

Exams are over!!! ^^ Super long hiatus bec just wasn't in the blogging mood hahaha, its ok, I'm back for now!

Back in Singapore alr, arrived at 5.20am! The SQ lady at the check-in counter at Melb airport was so unfriendly & bitchy. My 2 luggages weighted 39.1kg in total & she said student ticket only allow 30kg. Since when? Always been flying on student tickets & its always 40kg. She still insisted that its always been 30kg! Luckily I had my past etickets that shows its 40kg. Stupid, in your face!

Supper on board was super yummy, tom yum noodles! V yummzz!! Had many good movies on board too, but my earphones spoilt on me right before boarding the plane, how unlucky. & felt v uncomfortable on the plane, couldn't fall asleep at all!! Chew came to pick me up instead of Mum, so sweettt, he bothered to wake up at 5ish in the moring!! Came home to my 2 sweet cheekpeeks, love Kiko & Niuniu so much!! Started unpacking my luggage bags & repacking my shelves & wardrobe. & Rochel rearranged my bed & shelves & I'm liking the new layout of my room! Super love slacking in my bed with my laptop now, hehe. Home feels so good, there is really no place like home!!

Supposed to go catch 11.45am Harry Potter with Chew but napped at 10am & was too tired to wake up to go, so plans fell through in the end. Felt v bad bec he was excited to watch, but its ok, gonna watch tmr with him & Terri instead!

Napped a lot to make up for lack of sleep & tiring packing. Then picked up Dad from the airport, been to the airport twice in a day, hahaha! Had family dinner at this yummz Teochew restaurant, then Dad drove along Orchard Road to admire the Christmas lights!! This year's Christmas lights are not as nice as last year's. Like the Christmas lights at Marina area, but don't like the lights at Orchard area at all. Its v Muslim-ish, like celebrating Hari Raya. No offense, but its Christmas!! The decorations are not v Chrismas-ish :/// They should do the same decorations at Marina to Orchard too, then it will be v nice!!

1st day back home in Spore felt v long, which is good! Bec did so much & had the perfect 1st day back - packing & arranging & family time. Definitely miss home after 4 months!!
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#135 Lalala no more [Oct. 26th, 2010|07:22 pm]
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]

3 more days of school > 1 week of swotvac (study break) > exams

Arghh so exasperated! So many things I want to get done but progress is minute, howww. Have no feel to study, zero driving force, got to push myself manually. Stomach is always hungry when I need to study, study a bit then feel sleepy & start yawning, its as if my body doesn't want to cooperate. Best part is, the ink in my stupid pen keeps getting stucked & doesn't flow out. Seeee!! All odds against me!! I won't give in, no, no, must push through! Eyes on the prize!!

Oh!! Had phone interview with Westpac in the afternoon! She didn't officially offer me the internship but she got me to email her my internship dates & get letter from University of Melbourne, so its as if I got it! So yayy, don't have to intern at my uncle's company & see my brother all the time (hahaha). Plus I will most probably have Dec off & only intern from Jan onwards, so at least I get some holiday as well.

BUT FOR NOW, back to attempting to study!
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